Prototyping & Testing


HDS can meet all of your vehicle and component level testing requirements.

HDS is uniquely located in Southeast Michigan to coordinate and work with all local test facilities (private, state, and federal level) to ensure that your product meets the standards necessary for its application.

We can provide a full range of testing services from test plan development to complete testing and test report analysis.


  • EOL Testing capabilities
  • UN Regulation Shipping
  • Instrumentation
  • Data Collection
  • FMVSS – Frontal/Side-Impact
  • Environmental Testing
  • IP (Ingress Protection)
  • Vibration (SAE, OEM specifications)
  • Torque-Angle Testing
  • EMC Compatibility (RE, RI, Comp.)
  • Thermal Cycling
  • ESR/DCR Testing
  • EOL Performance/Functionality
  • Off-site testing support

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