HDS Scalable Battery Management System (BMS)

Quick, cost effective and minimum-development solution for monitoring and managing prototype and PoC HV Battery Packs.

Main Features:

  • Scalable: 12 – 1000V with up to 256 cells in series
  • Advanced Controls:
    • Integrated controller with analog and digital I/O capability.
    • Contractor driver with pre-charge function.
    • Close loop charger control with CAN.
    • Battery Models for power prediction and SOC estimation.
  • Safe:
    • Cell level over/under voltage and over current protection.
    • Module level over temperature protection.
    • Short circuit and isolation fault detection.
  • Low Cost: OTS slave modules with voltage monitoring and balancing capability.
  • Flexible Communication: Customizable CAN 2.0 speed, frequency and messages.
  • EMI/EMC Compatible: High EMI Resilience.

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